Chapter 14 ~ End Journel Entry ~ The Fault In Our Stars

This book has been such an emotional book. There are two many emotions to express to the people in my group. Everybody said that I would have cried while reading the book but I already knew what would happened but I didn’t know how. But the book still got me. The moment I read the first line that Augustas spoke, I immediately fell in love with him. The way he expresses his love for Hazel is awkward, funny and unusual. I am definitely going to see the movie because of this book and I think I will be even upset because I can see what is happening. I wish that John Green would write a sequel but I have an idea that it wouldn’t be as good because the main part has already happened. I wish it didn’t end but I am glad that she found the note. The last 5 words are still stuck in my head. I can’t get them out because they are just so affective. I have loved reading this book and I can’t wait to read what else John Green has come up with 🙂

Chapter 11 ~ Chapter 14 The Fault in Our Stars ~ Journel Entry

I knew something bad was going to happen when they went to visit Peter Van Houten’s house and I just COULD NOT put it down!! I was so drawn in this week with all the characters because they were so informative and nearly every line something happened that made you want to read on. I don’t want this book to end but I really want to find out what happens. If only this book never ended 😦 My estimation for the end of the book is that Gus will die and Hazel will try to harm herself because she was so in love with Augustus. I loved the scene when Gus and Hazel went out for tea at Oranjee and I can’t wait to start reading the last few chapters!!! 🙂

Chapter 6 ~ Chapter 11 Journel Entry ~ The Fault in Our Stars

Every word I read is making me become more in love with this book than I have been with any other book before. Everybody says this book is the best book they have ever read and that I will love it and I am fully on board with them. In the section we were allocated to read, only two major things happened that excited me and made me keep reading. When Hazel had to go to hospital because her head hurt and when Hazel and Augustas go to Amsterdam. I can’t wait to read on but I feel like when they get to Amsterdam something bad will happen. I am loving this book and I don’t want it to end 😉

Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 6 Journel Entry ~ The Fault In Our Stars

This book is amazing so far because it has that kind of effect where if you start you just can’t stop because the characters are so real. This book is about two cancer survivors who meet at Support Group. They start a friendship which is inseparable. I felt like the first paragraph of this book was boring but I knew that I had to keep reading and I’m glad I did. At the start I felt like the author was blabbering on and not giving much information but as I read on, the book just became more descriptive. I think that the author has based the book for kids our age ( 14 ) which I think is good because we can base it to real life situations. I am really glad that picked this book and I can’t wait to read what happens next.